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A.M.O + CoCasa

Party Alert!

On Saturday, July 09, two communities join at this new event at A.M.O. Brewery!

CoCasa is your local collaborative house, making space for creators and innovators to connect, share and grow together, in our favorite city. What began in an old yellow house in the heart of Bica has now grown into a citywide network of CoCasa events and partnerships.

A.M.O. is a small and super friendly brewery taproom, with a patio on a quiet street and our own beer production in the back. In addition to the twelve A.M.O. beers produced on location, we'll also feature a guest beverage: Kulchá Kombucha. Local DJs The Alchemist and DJ Potassium will play together for the first time tonight, bringing you funk, house, and old school beats.

Are you ready?!

The party starts at 18h and we are here till 23h :)

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